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Peter's coming...

Posted on 13th February, 2021

Hey there!


I've been bad at keeping up with my blog but thats because ive been throwing myself into Peter's story! Its finally nearly ready to go and it's slightly different from the others as the book is sort of in two halves but still a continuation of Isaac's journey. We get to find out a little about Peter as he finally realises  things about himself that he was ignoring and hiding from.

Marcus makes a return and Isaac really starts to trust his new life with Layton, which brings with it some humour as he learns his way and some angst. His need and willingness to serve is never far and he constantly works to be shown his place.


I try very hard not give too much detail of characters features as I want the reader to bring them to life, bringing their own vision of what they loook like. The same with rooms and places. I just give a base of what the rooms look like or where they are so you can bring it to life in your own mind and visualise it yourself. I hope it works for you?

Looking forward to introducing the streetboys to you and in particular a very special boy Leo who's not a dumb as everyone believes.


Once Isaac's story is complete, I will be releasing them all on paperback for those that like to hold an actual book.

Happy reading! 

BABY BOY finally made it!

Posted on 20th September, 2020

Ahh goodness it's been a while but it's also been a crazy year too! I hope you are all keeping safe and well.


Well it's finally out there. Isaac Series Book 4 Baby Boy has finally made it out for sale and you get to continue Isaac's journey with him. I'm hoping the next book will follow in quickly too. I'm excited to introduce the streetboys who play a part in bringing a new character in and start a new series.

I've spent today giving some of my previous books some TLC and updating info and such like so everything is up to date. I'm going to publish them in paperback over the next few weeks for those that like an actual book in hand. 


I love Isaac. I love Baby Boy. I love hearing his thoughts and his openess about his need and desires. He's sexy and sassy and sneaky and all kinds of beautiful. 

Anyway must get on I've another book to get out!

Please drop me a line if you like my books of It you just want to say hi!



Love Tj x x



Isaac book 4

Posted on 2nd August, 2020

Hi there


Well it's been crazy with the world getting back on its feet. 

I'm working away on Isaac Book 4 which should have been out in July! My bad sorry! His relationship with Layton has grown and got very involved and I've found it hard not to delve into it. It's a big emotional journey for Isaac not least finding himself out of slavery and feeling a little lost. 

So this one is a biggy. Over Twenty chapters, lots of conversation, some exciting and horney moments as his journey continues. I'm hoping to have it out there by the second week in August!


thanks for being patient!




Posted on 26th June, 2020

Hello kinksters


Well poor Isaac has had a right time of it, hasn't he!? Who's looking forward to him getting his kink back? Book 4 should be out in July!

Apart from that I'm also looking forward to him meeting the Alley boys, particularly Leo, who's story you can then follow in his own series of books.

I hope you're still enjoying the characters and stay with the books to find out more about each one.

I'm thinking of publishing in paperback? What are peoples thoughts on this? Do you like the ease of ebooks or prefer a proper book to hold and sit on the shelf?


Let me know!


Stay safe x



Delayed but imminent!

Posted on 21st June, 2020

Hello deviants!


Well, slight delay on getting the next book out as it became a mammoth book, too big to be sensible so I had to split it and that was the quandary. After adding bits in and taking some out I'm still not 100% with it but it can't go anywhere else with it's story so it's going to go out as it is and I hope that it grips you enough so you want to know more of Isaac and his journey. 

Hoping to have it out by the end of today!

This book brings in new characters and brings back some old. We meet Marcus, a client but he's different and Peter, Julian's no.1 but Isaac notices him. Julian and Jacob make an appearance and you start to get a feel about some of the characters and their relationships. 

I think this is where the characters started making an impact on me and getting into my head. I wanted more from them so I think this book is a little different from the others but hopefully you'll like them as much as I do.

Brace yourself, poor Isaac is in a world of trouble!

Happy reading x 

Working on book 3

Posted on 3rd June, 2020

Hello my friends


Well lockdown has been busy here.

The Isaac series went on sale with book 1 and 2 getting some positive responses. I love hearing from you!

Isaac series book 3 is close to being finished and its an epic read almost two books in one. There's quite a lot of story and chat in this one as we follow Isaac on his journey but don't worry there's some hot play too! Some of the parts that get me going are not always big play scenes, it can just be when the sub is put in their place by having their legs spread and their cocks looked at and handled. I love those moments where the dominantion is very clear out of a play scene, reinforcing the slaves/subs lower place. If a Dom wants to look at their junk or their hole, then its their place to allow it, whether they want to or not.

With the Layton and Isaac stories, there are moments between them when things seem unclear as Isaac tries to leave his slave training behind him but they both understand their places and slip into them easy if the moment calls for it.

We start to see the different sides of some of our characters and book 3 brings more of them together with Julian and Jacob making an appearence and we get our first look at Peter, Julians no.1. 


Hoping to have Book 3 out in the next week but I'm still deciding on a title for it. 

I may call it Boots!

I'm Back!

Posted on 9th May, 2020

Well after a long break I've finally managed to get back to do some of my writing again. This lockdown is allowing me time to sort through the many stories I've already written and put them in order.

Isaac has just gone on sale!

He's my little blonde submissive who really would follow any Dominant. I hope you fall for him like I did. When he plays I find myself swinging between wanting to wrap him in my arms and look after him to wanting to punish him for his sassy nature. 

Isaac's journey is only just beginning though and I'm already working through the next part of his journey. Poor Baby Boy has some rough times ahead!

Stay safe and stay well everyone x

Julian is a go!

Posted on 21st July, 2019

Well, it's finally out there. My first book is out there for all to see. I hope people get it, I hope they grow to love the characters as I do. 

Thoughts of the day

Posted on 29th January, 2019



I am loving making this place for my boys but it is hard work as well as fitting in other life things.


I haven't yet got any books up for people to buy. My first book 'Julian', when I first started writing it was on word. I then changed to using Pages and didn't get on with it so went back to word but the stories haven't transferred well and some of the gramma and punctuation has gone a bit squiffy. I'm resolving it but it is a slow process!


Julian was my first book and the only one I wrote with titled Chapters. I may put them into the other books as they become available. I quite like to have a chapter in a book as a reader, it lets me put it aside while I do real life stuff and come back easily to the story.


Oh well I must get on, lots to do :)