JULIAN - My World Series - Book 1


Who is Julian? Jacob has known him years, since before he was a fully-fledged adult and yet he wouldn't, couldn't answer that question, not completely. He has been at his beck-and-call since he was eighteen so when he is summoned, he thinks nothing of it... but this time, something is different. This meeting throws him into a world he knew nothing about.


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Isaac - Isaac Series - Book 1


Isaac's a slave. He's been a slave since the day he turned eighteen. He likes it, he's good at it, he gets off on it. He's always submissive. A client visit with 'the doctor' changes everything and he finds himself having to prove his worth as a slave all over again until he gets sent back to where it all started...


LEO - Leo Series - Book 1


 Leo is a street boy... of sorts. He's eighteen but has been fending for himself since his mum died when he was a child. His knowledge of the world is small, he's extremely submissive and his childlike mentality makes him desirable but he's not very good at street living and when he is good at it, it seems the 'suits', as he calls them, end up nearly killing him. He has a big secret that he's not told anyone, not even Joe who is the love of his life. A chance meeting with Isaac changes that and changes everything.