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I've been reading the Isaac series recently after discovering it through a mention in a Facebook group. I don't have enough words to tell you just how much I love these books and each of the characters we meet. Isaac just has the biggest, sweetest heart, he's adorable ❤ And for all he's been through, he's just incredible. And then there's Layton, who loved him and guided him throughout. I must admit to being a little broken hearted and shedding a tear at the end of Just Breathe as it seemed Isaac and Layton would be separated... 😭💔 And as much as I love Peter, it's all about Isaac and Layton for me... But onto Peter, he's so sweet (the balloons and flowers etc just filled me with such happiness! 😍) and I love the journey he's on. I also love that Isaac found the keeper that he was searching for. I know this is the end of the series, but Taylor I hope you will bring us the short stories you mentioned at the end of the book 🙏🏻 I'd love to see how the relationships between Isaac, Layton and Peter continue to develop and grow (and if you want to share scenes between Layton and Peter which were alluded to be going to happen, I really wouldn't complain lol! 🤣🔥) Of course, I also loved Julian, Marcus, Kendal, Jacob etc. For such hard-hitting (pardon the pun) topics and some of the abuse suffered by Isaac, these books were filled with so much love and heart. They've really been a joy to read and get to know each of these characters. I'm now going to read Julian's story, and I can't wait for your street boys to be released! Sorry for rambling, but thank you so much for these wonderful books. ❤
I just finished Isaac. Mind blown!😲😲😲
Loved it.
I am a straight, virgin, female. Found the Isaac series yesterday... Finished book 2 today. Whew!!!!! Extremely 🔥HOT🔥!! The descriptions are so vivid the reader feels they are either in the room watching or as if they are one of the characters themselves. Very nicely done. Gotta go find a cold shower now.....
I adored Julian. The Gay BDSM depictions are emotionally authentic and hugely arousing. I had to interrupt my reading on a few occasions. I read parts of it to a gay male leather Master and it passed his test.

Welcome to a hugely talented new writer of M/M erotic fiction who successfully appeals to women who, like me, adore gay male BDSM and who also appeals to gay leathermen.
I have read the preview with Julian and Jacob. It was fascinating and how you describe Jacob's pain with his breathing is so realistic. The ball torture is too much for me but it didn't stop me reading to the end. It was very exciting and your skill of bringing pain through the words is... well breathtaking! Nice one!