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I am a straight, virgin, female. Found the Isaac series yesterday... Finished book 2 today. Whew!!!!! Extremely 🔥HOT🔥!! The descriptions are so vivid the reader feels they are either in the room watching or as if they are one of the characters themselves. Very nicely done. Gotta go find a cold shower now.....
I adored Julian. The Gay BDSM depictions are emotionally authentic and hugely arousing. I had to interrupt my reading on a few occasions. I read parts of it to a gay male leather Master and it passed his test.

Welcome to a hugely talented new writer of M/M erotic fiction who successfully appeals to women who, like me, adore gay male BDSM and who also appeals to gay leathermen.
I have read the preview with Julian and Jacob. It was fascinating and how you describe Jacob's pain with his breathing is so realistic. The ball torture is too much for me but it didn't stop me reading to the end. It was very exciting and your skill of bringing pain through the words is... well breathtaking! Nice one!