Welcome to my place, where you can find out about my books and my boys, as I like to call them.

Please say hello, even if you just dropped by for a nose or found me by accident. Drop me a word or two on the guestbook page, leave feedback, ask questions, talk about the characters, I would love to hear from you :)


This website is brand spanking (we like that) new and is currently under construction so keep popping back to see new bits being updated.


I write about boys and men who have desires to be enslaved, punished and tortured, who dominate and submit and make it a choice to be there. My stories are extreme, they cover Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism. Desires from being bound and used/fucked by many, to fetish desires like foot worship and playing at being 'Doctor' and the desire to see the body being drained of various bodily fluids. There is not much I don't cover. They are graphic and at times brutal and will (I hope) have you holding your own bits in empathy. If you are easily offended then these are not the books or pages for you. My writing is also about love and trust and the relationships which they share to endure the needs they have.


I have been writing for about eight years now and decided it was time to see if anyone was as warped as me (in the nicest way!) and would enjoy them as much as I love writing them. As you can imagine, there's a lot of stories but they are not quite book ready yet and I'm working on them as much as possible to make them reader-friendly. (I do allow breathing while reading although you wouldn't know it in its present state!) I cannot wait for you to meet them all.


Have a look around and above all, enjoy my boys. I hope you grow to love them as I do.