It was just about sunrise as I entered his house. I stepped inside to the familiar hallway and shut the overly large front door behind me. I could already feel my heart beating faster than usual, probably because he was already standing there waiting, which wasn’t strange for these meetings. He was usually here awaiting my arrival.

“Hey.” The casual greeting seemed silly really but I wanted to say something, I wanted something from him before we started this…whatever this was. He was standing at the far end of the hallway looking every bit the Dominant I knew him to be. His presence made my breath catch and I faltered, stopping to wait for his instructions. He looked slim in his suit but I knew the body that lay beneath his clothes, the hard muscle and sinew encased in beautiful tight smooth skin. He was wearing an evening suit, with a black cumber band, white shirt and a scarf hanging from his shoulders, looking like he just stepped out of one of the many films I had watched and I was curious to where he had been that needed such dress. I knew better than to ask though. He had piercing blue eyes and he stared at me for the longest time appraising me or waiting for me to do something… something so he could punish me probably. His face was quite beautiful for a man; he had slightly enhanced cheek bones, a shaved head and a shadow of a goatee beard. He looked rugged and stern and when he spoke to me he smiled but the smile never really touched him, it was just for show, just to add to the play.

“It always surprises me, that you come so easily Jacob?” The tone was questioning but I didn’t answer. I knew I was not expected to, or permitted. When he opened his phone and dialed, his eyes never left mine. Whoever he was calling, answered almost immediately and he spoke while still watching me. “As usual, I am not to be disturbed…” He snapped the phone case shut, making me jump a little. It amused him and he watched my momentary discomfort before he placed it in his jacket. For the first time since I entered the house, his eyes left mine. He raised his head and closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. I was unsure if he was just readying himself for what was to come or if it was like some sort of animal quality, like a wolf scenting his prey. “Mm... I need an end to my chaotic night.” Then he looked quickly back at me. “Maybe today we will do something a little different?” He smiled again. The smile was not meant to put me at ease, I knew but more as a challenge.  My breathing increased as the moments drew nearer. Julian stepped towards me and he must have heard the catch of my breath, for he smiled more enthusiastically enjoying my discomfort, as he would for the time I was here. He stopped in front of me and was so close, I knew he could feel my quick nervous breaths on his face. He reached up and put his hand to my smooth, clean shaven face and tipped it to each side to view it. He disliked body hair. It was one of the rules, his rules, I must always be clean inside and out and no hair  anywhere apart from the head, he allowed me that. Like a willful child, I had grown my hair to my neck. It was a deep brown colour and swept back from my forehead, sort of wavy and generally it looked kind of messy but I knew it was the opposite to what he liked. It was my silent way of stamping my feet and this had not passed unnoticed. He touched his lips to my neck fleetingly and he growled deep in his throat, then pushed me away. He was impatient to play as he turned and stepped away from me. “Get rid of them.” He waved his hand generally in my direction and I knew he meant my clothes. Something was different today though, something felt different to me. There was an urgency about him. He just felt different.

It had been warm out, so I had just thrown on a plain white t-shirt and jeans with some trainers. I kicked the shoes off and looked up to meet his gaze and I knew not to look away again. I swept the t-shirt over my head and folded it and placed it on my trainers. His eyes fleetingly left mine to look at my body but the appraisal was quick. Still holding his gaze, I swept my hand across my body, rubbing across each nipple and then down into the front of my jeans. I knew the punishment would come later for this blatant teasing but I knew also that he wanted me. He wanted my body and I needed him to need it. I wasn’t ready for him to enjoy me just yet, I needed to feel something before I became his pleasure. Julian smiled disbelievingly at my request, dropping his eyes to follow my hand where it cupped my cock inside my jeans. “Only you Jacob, would ask so blatantly for this.” That scared me for a moment and I wondered that maybe I had overstepped my place a little too much but I needed something from him, things were strange between us. I was willing to pay the price, whatever it was.

His smile disappeared, replaced with a snarl and he shook his head. There was indecision on his face but he stepped towards me and with a hand on my body, he pushed me forcefully up against the wall and dropped to his knees. He looked up at me while quickly unbuttoning my jeans and then roughly dragged them down to my ankles. I went to lift my leg out but he stopped me. “Oh no, you don’t get to decide anything else.” He sounded angry that I had asked anything from him. “I do this so you will not think bad of me later but remember…” A hand swept up my leg and grabbed my balls tightly. “My rules Jacob.” The pain shot through me as he squeezed them tighter and I held my breath, trying to keep to his rules and not moan out loud. He lifted my flaccid cock to his lips and gave me a fleeting glance, before taking it deep into his mouth and sucking. I wasn’t worth any foreplay, any time spent getting me hard, I was already his, that I knew. I held my breath as I watched him and upon feeling his warm mouth around me, I let it slowly sigh out.

There were rules to our time together and they were always the same, no sound was to leave my lips, no matter how much pain or sometimes, like now, pleasure he gave and there were always consequences for breaking the rules. I was forbidden to speak, which kind of suited me. What do you say to someone who did this to you? There were no words. The other rules? Well, they were easy in comparison. I had to watch him at all times as he liked to look into my eyes and see the “effect” of his work and the last... I was not allowed to cum... unless permitted to. I looked down and watched him slide his mouth over me as I grew in his mouth. My legs wanted to open wider to let him in further but they strained against my jeans around my ankles. As Julian felt my legs flexing under his hands, his eyes challenged me to move. I didn’t want him to stop, so I tried to relax and fought the urge to thrust into him. I pushed my arms out to the side of me and laid my palms against the wall as I continued to watch his mouth saturate my cock with his spit. Again Julian looked up to my eyes and challenged me. He knew the effort it was taking me to just stand there and take this pleasure. My breathing quickened and I stifled a moan. I could already taste the orgasm that I had forbidden myself many times and I had to breathe quickly to keep it away. I was so caught up in the beautiful feeling, fighting the urge to just cum and to hell with the consequences... my eyes slowly closed. Just when I thought I would explode, his mouth left my cock and as I slowly returned from my pleasure, searing pain entered my body through my chest, jolting me back quickly. I looked down to see the source of my pain, he had placed clamps on both of my nipples. Small black clasps squeezed them both tightly, squashing the small nipple bud. My hands automatically flew in to cover the offending items but Julian, who was standing now, pushed my arms back against the wall. “Look at me Jacob.” He watched the pain in my eyes as he always did. My breathing was heavy as I had automatically held my breath at the intrusion to my body and now fought to get the air back into my lungs. Julian touched his tongue to my lips. “That was cruel of me....” He smiled, “….never tease me.” His voice was menacingly quiet, he didn’t need to shout, I understood.

My nipples were burning and the urge to take the clamps off was overwhelming. I closed my eyes trying to retreat from the pain as I forgot the rules. The pain came again... sharper. I opened my eyes to see him twisting the clamps. I held my breath and he stopped as soon as my eyes met with his.

“It’s okay Jacob....” he soothed gently, touching my hard cock. “Breathe, look at me, slow breaths and it will soon pass.” I stared into his eyes waiting for it to stop or abate a little. His hand on my cock began to stroke it gently and I momentarily felt sick, knowing from past sessions that this was the body dealing with its shock. He was right. The pain always subsided after a while and became a dull ache, especially when he touched my cock like he was. He removed his hand from my cock but placed his palms on my body as he watched his own hands, sweeping them up across my torso. He was careful not to touch the newly attached clamps knowing the pain was still too raw. This fact that he spared me, usually meant that he was in a good mood or that he had other plans. He swept his hands up to my throat and across my shoulders and down each arm until he reached my hands, which were now clenched into fists. He tutted and shook his head.

“Jacob, did I teach you nothing these last few years?” He took my right hand in his and opened it, palm up, stroking and touching it with his fingertips so gently, that the feeling was almost painful. When he had finished he let it drop to my side and spoke while he did the same to the other hand.

“You know that the more relaxed and compliant you are, the easier this will be on you.” He let the other hand drop to my side and taking my cock in his hand again, he stepped towards me so that his body was touching mine. He stroked and pleasured me while he watched my face. With his other hand he flicked the clamp on my nipple and again, involuntarily my hand moved to defend myself from the pain. Julian pushed it back to the wall and stepped away from me. He growled: “I need to get out of my restraints...” He waved a hand down his body, gesturing to his clothes “...and you Jacob need to get into yours. It seems you are not in the mood to behave for me today.” He turned and walked away and I wanted to say I was sorry for moving and I would behave but I was forbidden to speak. I had been weak and not concentrating and now I would pay the price for that. I hated the restraints and Julian knew this. On my last few visits he had allowed me to show him how I could submit to him so completely that I had taken his punishments and pain without restraints, never moving to stop him.

He had walked down the hallway now and turned when he had reached the end, standing in front of the door that I knew so well.

“Come Jacob, step out of your clothes.” I did as he asked and he waited for me to fold them and put them with the other clothes. He was calmer now, how he usually was on these meets. It was forbidden to move before you were told and I had already angered him today, so I waited for him to signal for me to come forward. I padded towards him on the wooden floor, naked now except for the small black clamps which hung from my nipples. They vibrated with every step that I took, so I tried to step gently forward. As I reached him he stepped aside and gestured that I should enter first. As I opened the wooden door, I adjusted my thoughts ready for the hours that lay ahead. I stepped down the first steps to the basement...