Joe has been running the alley for years but he's grown tired of it and he's not getting the customers he used to get, not now there are new and younger boys touting for business. His friendship with Leo holds him there as he tries to protect him but although Leo seems to need him, he's become distant with him and has started following another boy, Ginger. There are secrets in the alley and Joe is just about to get thrown into a world he knew nothing about.


Street rat, that's what the other boys in the alley call him, well most of them. A lot of what happens in the alley seems to go over his head but although Leo seems slow and simple, he knows things. He's been on the street since he was 14 and although he's now 18 not much has changed for him. He still doesn't like serving the 'suits' as he calls them. He's survived only because of Joe but things changed when Ginger appeared and started treating him like dirt, now he needs them both to survive. As much as he doesn't want it too, a street visit from Layton changes everything and then his survival all comes down to Isaac


He's been in the alley a couple of years now, he likes it, it safe and he has some regulars that he knows are safe. He does what he needs to do to survive and now Joe is letting his gaurd down that includes looking after the alley and the regular boys. It's time for Joe to move over and let someone new run the alley but the simple street rat Leo keeps getting in the way and is starting to prove a liability to the alley and to Ginger. When Layton arrives to offer help to the boys, Ginger sees his chance to change things but it doesn't go as planned.